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A fairy wren is perched on a branch with the Inspera Assessment logo
What's the T?

Set up Inspera for your exam

Inspera Assessment is being used for all exams in the MChD program this year. In preparation for the first exam, students will need to install the Inspera Exam Portal (IEP) on their own device and ensure that all the settings are correct.

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A cockatoo in a tree with the Inspera Assessment logo
What's the T?

New examination platform coming soon – Inspera Assessment

Inspera Assessment is a new examination platform that is being used for all MChD exams in 2023. This platform includes in-exam live support, improved accessibility features, and an easy to use interface for students during exams. Most importantly, students can continue their exam without interruption if they lose internet connection.

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A computer explodes with information on a purple background

AI in Health and Medicine

Join us for a webinar discussion on the impacts of generative AI on health and medicine, including education and research perspectives.

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A mobile phone screen showing the risr/advance web page.
What's the T?

risr/advance is coming soon!

Major changes are coming to how the Phase 2 Portfolio for the MChD is done in 2023. From January, 2023, the Phase 2 portfolio is going fully paperless, using a new platform called risr/advance. The Phase 2 portfolio content has been significantly updated to focus on feedback to support student learning. Students commencing Year 3 in 2023 will use risr/advance to submit all their portfolio items.

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