Multimedia Production

TELT offers a range of content production services for teaching and learning, including video production, graphic design and development of digital learning resources.

Digital Learning Resources

TELT specialises in developing interactive web- and multimedia-based learning resources for teaching. 

We work closely with academics, clinicians, and students to create online learning modules that are constructively aligned, fit-for-purpose, and support student learning. 

Our resources combine multimedia, reflective activities, review questions, and feedback to engage students. We have developed resources using a variety of e-learning tools and software such as Lt kuraCloud, Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline, H5P, and more.

Video Production

TELT offers a range of video and audio production services, including planning, storyboarding, filming, and post-production of content for teaching and learning purposes. We work with academics, clinicians, and students to develop and host video content such as course welcome videos, flipped classroom, interviews, and course content.

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We can assist with production, or provide training for you to film yourself using our studio or equipment.

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Chat with us to discuss your multimedia projects.

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Studios for video production at the Florey building and Canberra Hospital.

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We loan microphones, cameras, and lighting equipment.